Email migration complete

The server on which e-mail is hosted has now completed tonight’s scheduled migration to the cloud.  The move was uneventful, all data carried over successfully, and access has been tested via both direct login and our webmail client.

If you have an e-mail address ending in, you should already be noticing a dramatic difference in server speed and accessibility (especially when accessing mailboxes with thousands of stored messages).  We’ll continue to upgrade the cloud server over the next few months, adding more storage space for your e-mail and more features to the webmail client.

If you have any problems with, or questions about, the transition, give our technical support team a call at (530) 478-9822, Ext. 1.

Edit: If you are having problems connecting to the server when sending, but are receiving mail properly, make certain that you are using port 587 for your outgoing mail (we have received many reports that port 25, which we don’t officially support, worked on the old server but not the new one).  You can call us for technical support if you would like help changing this setting.

About Bax

I'm the Technical Support Director for Spiral Internet. You can reach me during business hours at (530) 478-9822, Ext. 1. I'm happy to answer your questions!
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