The downside of a white Christmas

Heavy snowstorms are forecast for Dec. 24-25 throughout our county — and where there’s snow, there’s often downed power and phone lines.

It’s impossible to predict what sort of outages our Christmas storm might cause, but due to the aging infrastructure here in rural California, there’s a good chance that this storm might knock out the Internet connection of hundreds, or thousands, of residents. Please rest assured that we’re monitoring for these issues … unfortunately, our ability to address them is limited, as the DSL service that we provide is delivered through lines owned by AT&T, and any outages caused by physical damage must be repaired by AT&T themselves.

If a weather-related outage disrupts BOTH your Spiral DSL AND your AT&T phone line, contact AT&T’s 24-hour support at 1-800-288-2020 and report the telephone issue; in almost all cases, this will result in the speediest repair of both services as they address the physical damage.  (Spiral can report DSL issues for dispatch of a DSL technician, but if the damage affects telephone service as well, often they will need to leave and reschedule the repair with a wiring technician.)

If your telephone service is working well and your Internet is down, we will do our best to address it in a timely fashion.  Call our office at (530) 478-9822 and leave us a message with details.

Please note that, in order to let our staff spend holiday time with their families, we are closing our office for Thursday 12/24 and Friday 12/25. However, we will monitor our voicemail to address urgent issues. (Standard tech support, billing, and new service inquiries will be handled Monday 12/28 when we return to the office.)  Give us a call at any time at (530) 478-9822 in order to leave us a message.

Have a wonderful (and safe) white Christmas, and an equally great holiday season!

About Bax

I'm the Technical Support Director for Spiral Internet. You can reach me during business hours at (530) 478-9822, Ext. 1. I'm happy to answer your questions!
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