Inbound email delays (resolved)

At approximately 9 a.m. today (May 3), some network issues at our Nevada City location caused our Barracuda e-mail filter to stop responding to inbound message delivery attempts.  This meant that outside messages for Spiral customers were queued for later delivery rather than getting through right away.

The network issue was resolved around noon, at which point there was a large backlog of undelivered mail.  The backlog took about an hour and a half to be processed.  At this point, all undelivered messages from earlier today should have been passed through to Spiral mailboxes correctly.

If you are still having issues with inbound mail not having shown up today, give our office a call at (530) 478-9822, Ext. 1 for customer support.

About Bax

I'm the Technical Support Director for Spiral Internet. You can reach me during business hours at (530) 478-9822, Ext. 1. I'm happy to answer your questions!
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